Jean Marie

The Jean Marie is a 41ft Formosa Sea Tiger Ketch, she was formally owned by the Grey Family. They were the first owners of this Yacht. The Jean Marie was the third one built and the grey family purchased her in 1972. They have sailed her around the world two times, first by Jean Marie and her husband and then by one of their sons. The Jean Marie has undergone a lot of changes throughout the years and now in the hands of one of the sons Don Grey it has gone through a hull redo and a stainless steel refit. You may have heard the name Don Grey before in the sailing community he has won five US racing titles, he was once working for NASA, but now owns a company that build parts for Nascar. He still races a couple times a year, once he took over Jean Marie he began the overhaul of the boat in anticipation for he and his wife to make that third trip around the world. But a sad event happened and his wife was diagnosed with melanoma cancer, and this took the wind out of their sails. So Don has been looking for the right person to sell the boat to, it had to be someone who was looking to put her back together and travel the world and love this boat just as much as his family has. We feel very lucky to be the ones he choose. Don had turned down a lot of offers. He made us feel so good when he said he told his wife that Jean Marie has found a home. He has been such an inspiration to get to know him and hear all of his stories , Don and his wife want to be part of the finishing work,so they will be coming over to assist and go through the project together. This project at this point in the photos looks like we have a tone of work but it is not so. the hull has been done, the top replaced ,the windows replaced and all new stainless steel new kaboto diesel engine new 1 cylinder engine to power the generator , tanks replaced new gas stove. The inside components have been removed but all is in great shape saved in storage, as you can see in the photos, things were removed to add new wiring and plumbing, insulation and to move areas for a better living and working environment. So we will be wiring, plumbing, insulating and adding a few things to make the boat more accommodating for a live aboard life. Then at that point we will put all of the teak wood which Don is providing back in the boat. and at that point she should be ready to move out to oriental NC which will be our home base. So we would like to take you on our journey of getting the Jean Marie back in the water and then take you on her trips out at sea. come join us. until next time …..

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