slow to go

Well everyone we had hoped to be further along but work on call has taken up a lot of the work time, But we are excited we have the new booms and the spars ( mast ) will be here tomorrow ! in these updated photos you will see I have removed the rubber mats that were down the port and starboard sides . we will now begin sanding and filling in with epoxy and then paint . The aft section is taking a little longer , we have cut out the old set up and we are building new storage areas and lids. This area needs to be water tight and be able to drain water off with no collection. And to achieve this we are using closed cell foam, very light weight and easy to form and sand, very forgiving , just coming up with the right concepts to allow water to drain out has been a challenge . You will see at this point we are close to covering it with the fiber glass and epoxy then on to paint. I would like to add the entire deck has been replaced with a new cabin top and all of the cheap stainless steel has been replaced with 316 stainless. We will be adding more support to the bow and aft before paint and I will post the process when we get to that point. And you will see the stairs we built , and this is much better than the ladder with a rope and pulley system to bring up supplies. I say thank you to my husband!!!

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