moving along

Well it seems as though we have made some progress, well let me say burt made progress. I have been unable to help due to work but it is coming along. as you can see he has formed all of the storage compartments sanded and added fiberglass to strengthen, epoxy and sand them to make ready for paint. we now have a better design for lightness water proofing and created a way for water to flow away and out and not collecting in the compartments. this also helps with rot , no wood no rot. the lids as shown before now have fiberglass and epoxy added they have been sanded and they too will be ready for paint. at this point in this we will finish sanding the entire deck adding epoxy to fill in any areas of concern and sealing all edges and bolting down fixtures and sealing up water tight, then we will paint the topside. until next time my friends…

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