Feels like progress

Fiberglass is not my friend . After finding out that shorts and a tee shirt were not the right outfit for sanding fiberglass, I opted for a more appropriate but sweat drenching outfit. 

41′ , Thats a lot of surface area. Im not sure it will ever end . At this point we have removed all hardware and began sanding. 
Here is the V-Berth . The things done are, establish a new chain locker and jack the deck above the V-berth to give strength and a nice slope for water to drain off the deck. 
In this photo you will see the one of the panels we added to support the deck floor and give it that strength and bow that we need. Their will be one on each side and we will fiberglass them in.
Now in this photo we had to remove this Hatch due to the fact some water had migrated in. Only due to paint peeling off and weather getting to the area. We were glad to find this is teak and after a day of drying no rotten areas and seems to be solid. Just going to epoxy and a layer of fiberglass, paint and this should be in great shape.
So sanding seems to be the thing we come home everyday and do for the next little while. I mean its 41′ for flippin sake ! So glad the cockpit is done. so ok you got me it about 31′ to sand . Ha !  Hope we meet the deadline we have set for ourselves paint by october ………. Here we go !

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  1. I tell ya I can not wait until the project is over and we get this FUN part started . Listen when you guys get your boat and start your journey I hope that we can meet up and share some stories and a drink to the second half of the journey. And I must say I love the Bavaria 44' in the (boat porn) section HA HA ! . I just love that set up and if it only need a little TLC then that would be great ! Happy Hunting

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