Hull Paint Day

The days all run together now. Our process as you know started with sanding the hull and fairing.

During this process we have made our order for the paint . This picture below shows one order , And as the accountant I will say this order was $1000 and we are missing about $30 of paint left to order. As you can see we like and choose to use the Interlux brand. Below you will see a two part primer with micro platelets , this will inhibit the migration of water , and the micron 66 has copper and biocides . This will lengthen the life of the paint for at least two seasons .

First coat going on .

Next it will get another sanding and another coat possibly a third we will see. Once this part is complete we will start the bottom paint. Imagine the color black on the bottom. Once this is done we will complete all of the detailed work with the ribbon and the hand painted carvings inside of the ribbon. So far on schedule . Until next time my friends.

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