Making the change to the v-berth

To start things off , I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving !

Now to update you on the boat refit from our last post , Our plans are to move the sleeping quarters to the vberth and change the setup to the bathroom. In the drawing below you will be able to see how we are making this change. In this time we have removed walls and added the supports for the bed and cabinets for storage. In the photo below you will see the new opening for the chain locker and part of the bed with a storage access built in. We still have to paint and remove one more wall before we add in the rest but we hope to have more photos with a better look and understanding. Just hang in there I promise it will come together soon. I hope… Until next time my friends.

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  1. Hi Rui and lena love having you aboard our adventure ! Sorry for the delay in updates the cold has slowed the progress some, But hang on I will be posting an update this week .

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