V Berth piece by piece

Well, it is slowly coming along . With work and cold weather setting in the process has slowed down . But progress has been made. As we had stated before in the original design of the Formosa they had a bunk and storage in the berth and the room between the V Berth and salon was the sleeping quarters with slide out bed and the head. We have chosen to open this space and put a full bed with lots of storage in the V Berth , split the head in two parts , shower on one side and head on the other with closets and drawers on both sides . We have drawn out a diagram for you to get an idea you will find this in the previous post. Check out the update photos below.

Here you will see the hull has been coated and painted . In this photo you will see the chain locker has been built and varnished , below is what we call the head board to the bed . This also opens up and has storage and access to the drain. Below that is the first part of the bed with an access door for more storage under the bed. On both sides of the hull we are closing this in with more storage. 

So here is a look at one side , we put up an unfinished piece to give an idea. Above that slide door storage will be another shelving unit. Now the rest of the bed has yet to be built but in this photo you can see where it will end , and just above the bed will be another storage closet.

Here you can see where the mast will come down . And yes , it will be in the bed . We will be inclosing the mast in teak , but this gives you an idea of how this is all going to work. And that no space will go unused and we have access to every area with hidden panels.
 Here is what we are doing with the ceiling and walls. This is a product we found it looks like wood bead board, but it is made from plastic , cuts well bends well and will not rot. We also found this same product that is also made from plastic and we are using that along with teak to epoxy to the hull for mounting wall , ceiling, cabinets , etc. 
Well, this is our progress so far and we hope to have the v berth completed by the end of February. No REALLY ! Ha Ha 

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