Cutting up a temper pedic

One thing that has bothered us is: where to pull back and where comfort is necessary?  After some debate with our sailing friends, most of whom are racing sailors, we went for comfort; the polar opposite of their suggested result.  Now, I know we’re going to catch some flack from this decision; however, I am making sacrifices in other areas. Brace yourselves:

 1.  The head will be an all-in-one “shit, shower, shave” in a 2′ x 2′ space

2. I’m giving up a “chef’s kitchen”. In its place–a cozy, no refrigeration, solar oven galley.

3. Okay, I’m upset about this one. Breathe, Dee, Breathe. The Bed…we took a perfectly good temper-pedic mattress and cut it to fit this new space. Which, I might add, is a tiny area. So there it is–sacrifice number 3: a bed with a mast running right through the middle.

At the moment, it looks a bit rough. But I will be making zip covers in sunbrella material. You will have to wait on those photos due to my sewing skills… and the fact that I hate to sew.

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