V-Berth to the bilge

Below are pictures showing the progress in the V-Berth adding more storage compartments to pulling out the septic tank and fuel tank and painting the bilge. Progress has been slow due to house projects going on at the same time . But we are back on the boat full steam ahead . I hope .

   floor removed , to the left of the photo is where the head will be
                                and to the right will be the closet storage.                      


                                        adding floor

                                            put in teak flooring

                                              built storage that also is a small seating area and above this
                                              will be drawers.

                                           each section you see will be a row of drawers

                                                150 gallon fuel tank and 30 gal septic tank sealed
                                                and a fresh coat of paint .

                                            fuel tank removed and fresh coat of bilge paint .

                                     ready now to add supports to raise the tanks off the floor
                                           and add supports above the tanks under the floor to strengthen
                                           the floor , we noticed the floor had some give and needed to be
                                           strengthened so we will be add supports in those notched out areas
                                           you see in the photos.      

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  1. I have a friend who is doing some major work on his Formosa 41. The previous owner took out the 60 gal fuel tank and bought a new 24 gallon tank but never had it installed. My friend wants a lot more fuel than 24 gallons. What did you have to do to get the 150 gal tank in? Did you have the tank made, or was it prefab and ready to order?

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