If I only knew that all during these years, the gift to get Burt to make him as giddy as a girl was…


Meet our newest addition to the boat: The Raritan Atlantis Freedom Toilet. Now for those of you who are not familiar with a marine toilet, I will give you a bit of info–
A marine toilet uses a macerator pump to move the waist into the septic tank. The toilets are typically smaller than your typical household toilet. Most are made either of plastic or a mix of plastic with a porcelain bowl. Now this ‘Baby’ (as Burt refers to it) is standard size all-porcelain toilet with a powerful macerator pump and a control panel for flushing.

Let’s begin this next part with a caveat; I’m speaking now as the financial officer and not the adventure seeking junkie. Here it goes. When we remodeled the bathroom in our home, we bought a very nice toilet. I thought, yes we will spend the money for this; it is important, right? So we should do the same for our new home. Well our home toilet cost was $200. The boat toilet price: a whopping $875. Really?? Really???

I just want everyone to know, I still can not find any gold on it yet ……………

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