Walls going up

We are now at the point of closing in the bathroom ( Head ) .  Below I have put up photos from start of project to now  .

The walls just before cutting out and move.

Wall gone

Walls are in sanded and almost ready for stain . 

Teak Floor going in

Now time to put up the interior walls for the Head and fiberglass the shower floor in.

2 thoughts on “Walls going up

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  1. I just wanted to say i just discovred your blog from following you on twitter. I really enjoyed the photos on the restoration. I also like what you did in the head and the refit. I guess it is a little late but what are your views on Composting toilets? The thought of not having my waste under my feet is a great thought. Not to mention the added room for stores.

  2. Hey Curtis , We are not to familiar with the composting toilets but what we have read it seems like a pretty good idea. Our choice was to go with the best macerator pump and a non plastic toilet for the ease of cleaning . I know it adds weight so we will have to take away in other areas. Im glad to hear someone give some feed back on the head . I know it is small but it just seemed like the smartest thing for adding space and storage . About the waste I hate it too but we knew from the start we were not going to use the flex pipe due to permeation so we put in ridged PVC to cut the smelly out ! I would love to see your boat send some pics are you under going a project also or just updates ? Thanks for the comment and any advice we gladly accept . We are newbies

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