Pay Out or Pay Off

When we thought of getting a bigger boat we were not sure of anything,  meaning what size should we get should it be a center cockpit or a sloop or ketch dunno . So on we went with this search . Now you might think you guys are nuts . Well maybe not our family they seem to know how we roll . So has anyone watched the movie “Captain Ron”?
Well if not it is a must see , Anyway this was the inspiration for our
decision or lets say Burts idea of what we wanted. So the search began.
As we found this boat is a great blue water boat but it did come with a lot of its own issues . Leaky Teaky Yachts as they are referred to .
But as I said we are known for going out and getting something that everyone else would just walk away from . And then burt said I found one very close . In fact it was 45 min. away , so we went and this is what we saw that day . And by the way it was the one and only boat we
looked at……

So this seems like we should just walk away huh . But at the same moment we both said do you think we could do this ? We have done a bit of refit work on a sailboat before, at the time we owned a 25′ Morgan that we fixed up and a House and two Airstreams so why couldn’t we do this . After going through the boat , With the one and only owner of this boat, We found that it got better and better . All of the Leaky Teaky problems had been addressed along with a brand new never used a Beta Marine 50HP engine along with tons of Teak plywood , trim ect.  A brand new mast and mizzen from Spar Craft @ Charleston Spar . New oven, new tanks and so on . So this deal came down to price. Before we even new about all of the changes burt asked me what would you pay for this boat? Of course my answer was LOW . I said no more than 20,000 and then we get the walk through . With a walk through of the items in the storage building that I will say took us getting a rental moving truck and 4 trips to get all of the stuff . Burt asked the question, knowing what he was asking, it was  35,000 in his add. And then the most wonderful sound came out of his mouth he said 20,000 I was giddy inside but trying to keep it cool . Well in short we gave him a check that week. This is a Formosa 41′ Ct Sea Tiger it is a Ketch rig from bow sprit to aft it is 50′ the beam is 12′ the draft is 6′ and she weighs 28,000 lbs. So slow will be the pace so therefore her name came about “Turtle Rum” she is like a good drink you sip on slowly. Her former name was the “Jean Marie ” named after the owners mother .  And we did not have to get rid of the bad juju and perform the name change ceremony, all items pertaining to her named were previously removed so she got to have a fresh start .

Below is a small break down of the spending for the formosa so far :

Total for boat materials so far : $6756.68

move the boat 39.9 miles : $1800

Canopy : $ 1100

Stairs : $ 300

lowes purchases : $2000

Boat purchase : $20,000

Total so far  : $33,956.60
What the money has done for her so far :
New paint
Her New Canopy top
New Head
New plumbing 
And a Stateroom with tons of storage 
So this is where we stand and the moment . We will now move into the Salon not many changes to be made in this area . Just a lot of sanding and teak work. 

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