Lights. Seems to be something you need but where to get them. As I have mentioned a time or two anything with the word Marine seems to have a large price or you can not find that particular thing. So as we move along in the process we find that the old lights were power hungry and really just ugly, just as if you stepped in your cousins house how has been stuck in the 70’s. You know the green and orange sofa with curtains and wall paper to match. I like old things but I would love to skip the 70’s and 80’s all together. So where do we go for the cool lights ? Dunno, Well , now I am waiting to hear you guys bust me on this but I will say the one who makes the most sense will probably change my mind so hurry and hit the STOP button.
So on to our Idea we are considering Led Ribbon Lights 8mm. They are 12v long lasting low usage, should I go on. Seems like a pretty good idea we have a great place for them and they will cast the light with no shadows. I like it! now what do you think?

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  1. We seriously considered LED strip lighting. I also liked how you could adjust the color with the RGB controllers. We had planned to add it for some under cabinet accent lighting after we installed the main cabin lighting. After we put in everything from bebi though, we decided it was good enough and gave up on the idea.

    While I was researching, I found a lot of the cheap rolls of LEDs are either power hungry or aren't waterproof. I'd def go outdoor grade, like the ones made for cars if I was going to buy it.

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