What Core!

Run,walk, push ups, sit ups, stretch, . Why? Well not only will the boat need to be ship shape but we have to be ship shape. I am 5’4″  (in the am ) and weigh around 129lb and reaching the ripe age of 45 in a couple of weeks. I have been active my whole life and now I have to strength train for living on a sailboat . This just became not fun. I have coached cheeleading , softball , and even my sons baseball team. I go ….have gone hiking but most of all for 17 years I have worked at a job that only few woman do .

Burt is also at the ripe age of 45 being 6′ and $(/&lbs also has an active life and performs the same job as I. So now we read and were told by a friend whom races sailboats, that we need to strengthen our core..WHAT! Oh he’ll I hate to work out I would rather poke myself in the eye. But in the need to want to do this we said ok. So we walk………….. and walk some more, get a gym membership and now decide we are going to run our first 5k. Ok you can stop laughing now! No really it is called the color run. This is where you run 3.1 miles and during the run while gasping for oxygen people will be lined up along the course at specific areas and they will proceed to throw, chunk, splatter you with colored chalk, so by the time you get to the end you are covered in a rainbow of color.

Oh yea and you pay to do this, Ha! So we have mixed in with our walk a little thing called a wog and when we feel oh so pumped we run .  We have yet to do 3.1 miles and the run is in November. About this core thing I need to know is it overrated or do we need to work this hard? I follow a lot of blogs and yes we have some people that are just super fit and look great! but I think they have always looked great I really do not think it was for the benefit of sailing. Grant it we always need to stay healthy and really we are we eat organic food. We are lucky to have local farms all around us to provide us organic fresh meats,eggs,vegetables. It took us a few years to go all the way to only buying and stocking organic but we do think about what goes into our bodies, but this work out thing is more of an effort. We have to fit it in with our jobs and the work for the boat . A typical day is work 8hrs come home and go straight out to the boat and work until dusk and then go walk-run ect. So when we hit the bed it is all over. So I sure hope this core work will benefit us for this circumnavigation.. Until next time my friends
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  1. you're making a mistake here. you're listening to a RACING sailor, who probably spends his time at the helm screaming at his beleaguered and abused crew to move faster, do this, no, not that way, while he nimbly turns the spokes of the wheel hither and yon as his 'core' exercise. Meanwhile, the majority of his crew is forced to move like monkeys from windward rail to windward rail, slithering under a (ka)boom which barely misses them as they scramble without enough warning nor a ready about heard by the mast. He's talking to you as if you're his racing crew. You guys are cruisers, aren't you?! Forget the drill sergeant antics, get yerselves down to the nearest waterfront bar, hoist a glass and get back to the task of honing those yarns to tell of sailing out where the round the buoy racing sailors ne'er do go.

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