Sprouts and Vegan Meatloaf

So this is not completely about the boat but it will be ways of providing food and eating on the boat. I thought you might want to hear of a few of my ideas. First I am making sprouts, for our first test subjects I am using mung bean sprouts. And a mix of radish,crimson clover,fenugreek seeds. We eat mostly a Veg. diet with some meat but only from our local farms. So I have been thinking of ways to stretch out food for the boat. What about caning or preserving ? Well that is my quest and
over the next season I will be experimenting with lots of ideas. One idea that has been working great is our solar oven. This will be another way of cooking on board without using energy. *Note: Not when under sail.

Here are our first batch of sprouts

Now today I made a Vegan Meatloaf . The staples for this are things that can have a longer shelf life and refrigeration is not needed. Another plus on saving energy.

Ground almonds, rolled oats, lentils, onion, mushroom,spinach,garlic,thyme,parsley,and spicy tomato sauce


End result……AWSOME !!!!!!!

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