Well, It dose not look like much, but we have managed to create a space that will function well and plenty of storage. I hope! Below is the breakdown so far.

In this photo we have brought a little of home into our design. We felt this corner would be wasted space or just space that was going to be very difficult to use. So, we came up with this lazy susan design. They are 40″ rounds with 12″ bearing plate. With this set up we can use up the space and with ease get to any item stored. It will hold any thing 10″ or smaller on each shelf. Just a turn of the unit and all is at your disposal.

This was a small bearing plate, had to change out and get the 12″.

Finished !

 Here in this photo you see where we have added a few cabinets. The tall cabinet will house a pull out trash can and several pull out drawers, and the thing Im most happy about are the slides. We got the soft close slides. You know when your out looking at new kitchen cabinets and you pull out a drawer and go to close it and it just closes itself, well I got those, I thought this would work great on the boat, you never have to worry about a drawer sliding out under sail.

So now we are up to this point, we still have to put the storage in above and below the stove, and add the doors to the lazy susan, which I must say will be so cool, They will be part of the lazy susan, mounted to the front, they will blend right in with the cabinets, just a push on the door and all goes around. We will also be fitting them with a locking device. I guess you can tell they really are my favorite part, I think mostly because they were my idea and Burts handy work. So onward we go and hope to have some more finished work to show you soon.

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