Winter Lag

We have found ourselves in slow motion with the work on the boat. With winter and the fact that we work outside all day everyday makes for an ugly (lazy) combo. So our progress has gone to a crawl. This delay has set us back a month or two , so we may not be moving Erised until fall . You know how we say at some point and time in our lives ” I have bitten off more than I can chew”. I am starting to doubt we will get to a stopping point. OMG ! at the little things that have to be done just to complete the big thing, which really isn’t that big. We are just trying to get the esthetics done. You know walls, doors, floors. Not, wiring, pumps, electronics.  We have a new engine, and yet still have nothing connected . Oh and not to mention we have things to complete topside. It has been two years come march and if I really think about it we have a ton of things to complete. I read a lot of other blogs and I love it. So many great people with great information. They are sharing an up close and personal look into their lives. I appreciate it, this always helps me when I feel we are never going to get done with this refit. But as I read, they too have gone through the same thing , so there is an end to  the refit but never will we be done with the boat . It looks as though it will be something that will always be. So refocus and get Erised sea worthy and go sailing , The words from a friend.

So I hope to have some updated photos soon. If you have not seen the progress so far take a look at the video below. Enjoy!


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