Galley refit onward!

As we come out of our slumber we find ourselves back in the midst of the galley and what is to become of it. Finding yourself with challenges of teak work and details that mean more than just its look but of how it will withstand. On a boat things are not as they are in your home. You ask yourself will this leak will it break under the strain of a bad storm. So many things to think of, storage, water. Two types fresh and salt. And lets not forget WEIGHT, oh how important this is. You never think of how much something weighs when applying it to your home really. You only look at it for its beauty and its usefulness. On a boat it is only a challenge, finding materials that are strong, long lasting, light . But you find yourself needing to find the beauty and its usefulness. And I hope that is what we are doing with this refit. The teak work is slow, so many details. I have some updated photos of the sink area. This has been a challenge, only due to the fact that in a Formosa the galley was in the starboard section. So we completely moved it to the port side. In this area you would have found bench seating and a table. If you recall we made drastic changes in the v-berth also. While finding ourselves loving the changes we have also found it to be very laborious.We still have sanding and staining to do with more teak vainer to go up. As the weather warms and the days become longer we will punch through. Until next time my friends.

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  1. I love the work your doing! I will be starting redoing the deck of my 1975 Formosa this summer. Then interior/elec/mech over the winter. It may be optamistic, but I hope to have her in the water by summer of '14. After a few years delay, I have come to that, now or never moment and kicked it in gear. Masts will be pulled this month and then it'll be trucked closer to me…Hard to get anything done with it a couple hundred miles away. Even the basics like keeping the rainwater out of it kept being put off. So when I started working on her again, first thing I had to do was pump off 600 gallons of water out of the bilge…eleven 55gal drums were filled 😦 I certainly caused myself more work by neglect. I won't be making any layout changes, that should save me a little time. I wish I could park it at my house! Have you joined the yahoo group for our boats? The Leaky Teaky Yacht Club has been great for some inspiration and technical info for me.

  2. Hey Todd, Yep, we are part of the group Zee put us in, she is helpful. I was looking at your boat and I know how hard it is to get started. you boat seem to be in much better shape than ours. And I would think the dark colors would be great as long as you hang out where it is cooler. I commend anyone on jumping in on a Formosa, the work is challenging but so worth it when it is done. I agree changing the floor plan was extreme and maybe we would not have done it if she had not been guted beforehand. we have lost some of the old look and style but we had to go with what would work for us in the long term. I wish you luck and I'm sure you have way more experience than us and yes we were super lucky to live in a town that thinks it is more of an attraction than a destraction. We live right in town and it could have posed us a lot of problems. I hope we can follow your refit. It is always great to find another Formosa owner. We had always hoped to find a group and to someday all meet up. Well good luck to you and keep in touch.

    P.S. Holy Shit I forgot to say something about that 600 gal. I think I would hell…. I'm not sure what I would do. You had to be pissed. I hope it did not cause you extra damage.

  3. Ya, 600 gallons!…and what I did was have a good manly cry! In case your wondering that put the water mid engine! Still not sure of all the damage caused, but my starter was under water, so at the very least I'll be rebuilding that. I didnt have the heart to pull the dip stick, I'll do that when I get back up to the boat. I am hoping no water got in, and I know no oil got out, there was no oil in the bilge water anyway. There was so much I needed to do when I went back up there, but I was in such a state of shock and felt pretty lost, couldn't find a place to start. I mostley worked on getting the stuff needed done to truck it down closer to me.


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