Boat fever, every spring I get this need for another boat,  Yes it was a bit of work but after three other projects this was a deal. This boat has great bones, great size, it just needed a bit of TLC. So she should be sailing by the end of the week. No really….

1970 Pearson 33′   S/V SIXPENCE

Project # 4 Project begins 4/20/13 on  S/V SIXPENCE
Sailboat Data Sheet


Dated 4/29/13
Below we have sanded, completed the fairing, sanded again and covered with primer and now the kiwi grip going on. after this has time to set we will be adding the first of the top coats.



Before the project.
Just a little reminder of what we started with.

5/4/13 15 DAYS into the project we are fast tracking this boat to not crush anymore time on the refit for the ERISED. Here are some before and after shots, just a little teak work still left to do and epoxy on the hatch lids. After that we will have all the rope replaced, new hardware on the sails. This weekend is sewing time, we have 15 cushions to recover.



















2 thoughts on “Boat FEVER!

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  1. That looks like a lot of work was done.

    The difference between the before and after is amazing! Good job on it.

    I know what you mean by having boat fever. I have my first boat and expected to be in the water by now but a few projects were needed. I've thought of getting a smaller daysailer just so I can get out on the water but one boat is enough for me. (plus, a certain young lady said no more boats, lol) Besides, if I'm busy sailing a smaller boat, that takes time away from working on the current one.

  2. Hey Dan, Well thank you, We know we are going to be here until the last one finishes college which will be next year, And as much as we love the big boat project , we also need a break from it. We work full time on our jobs to come home and work on the big boat until dark or passing out. So the weekends are time away from all of those things and we don't get rusty on the sailing part. So this is a play boat, quick fix with sanding , fairing, and paint. took out a couple of weeks on the big project. But well worth it. I hope your project is going well, and your sailing days come sooner than you think. ~~~ /) ~~~

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