Ugly duckling into a beautiful swan

One year and eleven months we have been held hostage……… Not really, we would love to have had Erised in the water by now, but we took on a project, or lets say we fell in love with a boat that needed us to adopt her and give her new legs, and up until the last couple of months we were feeling the heavy load.  We have tackled a boat project before, but this one was a new beginning in projects. She was basically a shell, or lets say a blank canvas….what will we do. We now feel quite pleased so far, and we can see the end and how this is all love. Their will not be one part of this boat that we have not put our hands on, So for us to say that we LOVE this boat is an understatement. Blood, sweat, and yes tears have gone into this project and we hope that it shows.

                                                     This was what we started with.

6 thoughts on “Ugly duckling into a beautiful swan

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  1. Beautiful transformation!

    I've also hoped to be in the water by now with my boat. Finally did the last project I needed and hope to be in the water soon.

    You have done a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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