Back to Work

We have taken some time off from working on this boat. We made a purchase earlier in the year for another semi project boat. It turned out very nice, and we have enjoyed it with the family. We have found that this year has been an unusual sailing year. At most we would be able to sail up until Late june, Maybe. But this year we are still sailing, very few days without wind. But, the time has come to get back in the swing of things. Time to get the Formosa project completed. We are wrapping up the interior with adding the Navigation center and finish out the plumbing and wiring. Most important is completing the engine install and lets see how she sounds. It is a new engine and I’m eager to start it up.   I still have some details to take care of , you know the little things like how many shelves inside a closet and door clasps and some trim pieces. Its those small things that drive me nuts. I still have some staining and sanding to do. UGGG!

Where you you find us every evening

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