Ice Box Construction

What to do, what to choose? This has been the ongoing set of questions during this project. We are at the point of asking ourselves , Do we want refrigeration, or just go with a cooler. Well the decision has been made. We purchased a cooling unit. Isotherm Unit, PDF for Isotherm Parts  Now, where will it go. Our spot of choice has changed many times, but as we preformed the construction of the galley a refregeration unit just did not work in the galley. Our choice is not far off, We were faced with an area of waisted space with not many ideas. Next to the galley will be the navagation and electrical panel, and just behind that was this waisted space, Great! this will be a great space, it is large and out of the way and it will house the ice maker and  a few of the pumps, hidden out of the way and with easy access. Another great point to make will be venting. This area vents out to the rear of the boat. Decision made. The process has been slow and has not yet been completed. Hopefully in a week or so I will be able to show a completed cooler.

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