Work Zone!

I wanted to write a bit about where and how the work is being done. We are those weird people who seem to think nothing is beyond our capabilities. A little back story…When we decided to completely remodel our home , we never intended to pay someone to do the work. Why? you ask, M-O-N-E-Y! So we did what everyone does, Youtube University! Right?. Brick mason, Check, Drywall, Check, Post and beam construction, Check. Storage-Work shop, Check. So when it came to a boat project, we thought why not. Our first boat  was a 25′ Morgan, so I would say this was the learning boat. So four boats later Im hoping we got this.
   When we got this boat the decision to move it to the house was a risky idea. We live in town just a block from City Hall. I know Right! Well just so happen this town is so sleepy that this has turned out to be the cool thing. Lots of on lookers and visitors. Check! Lets get started. Now that building we built a 32’/16′ with a double loft turned out to be just big enough to house all of the materials. And did we fill it up, We have so much teak and marine plywood along with so many small parts, large parts and so much in between. And most of this was given to by the last owner in hopes we would actually complete this project. He and his father had been collecting things for years in hopes to use them for the refit of this boat. I am very happy that we were the people he had been looking for to sell the boat too. And even though he being a racing sailor we have had our differences on the design, but an agreement has been established.  Now our distance from work area to boat is about 20′. This has been wonderful , but it also has its downs. It can be very easy to say Im tired and stay inside or just go out sailing. But the clock is ticking and progress needs to get back in gear. I will say a portion of the slow is money. I can remember when a $1000 order would be a back door full of packages, but now in the project a $1000 might get us one box. Bummer, So lets say we have reached the high end side of the project. But we do have plenty of small things to address, so I will be posting some of the small detailed issues, and at the same time we will be installing all new electrical and the rest of the plumbing. So back to work and enjoy the photos of our work zone, Until next time my friends.

                          Burt insist on working outside under this well worn canopy

                                  Well in photos looks more like a junk room

                                            Really! We have organized this a few times

Shelves and shelves of stuff, and a good portion not useful , Burt just thinks it is cool to have.

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  1. I would love to have a workshop like that to work on my boat.

    I would probably get lost looking at everything and thinking of the possibilities.

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