Added luxury

                                                         Floors are done

                                              Last space in the boat to finish

                                       This our ice box with a Raritan ice maker above it. Marine grade but most put it at an unwanted add-on.

2 thoughts on “Added luxury

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  1. That's a cool little ice box. I'm sure that will come in use. It'll be nice to make your own to have for drinks or for the ice box.

    The floors are beautiful.

  2. Thanks Dan, We have the same ideas for the use of this ice maker. Thoughts were instead of running for ice and waisting money , we could make ice to fill the ice box with and who does not like ice in a drink. I know it is a luxury item and some say wasteful, energy hog, ect. but for at least a couple of years we will be at dock. and only doing short runs. so until we cut the dock lines Im having ICE! HA! And those floors are done , yes! this project has been what two years now and we are so excited to only have this one section to build out. of course we still have much more to do to get her in the water. but the building part will be done. Yea!

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