Mad Rush !

    Well it has been three years since we purchased and started this refit. I knew the day would come but i did not think it would come so quickly. No, we are not ready and the boat isn’t ready! So why are we doing this? Jobs…… that crazy thing we all have to do to survive. Our plan to move the boat to the coast was always the plan but where, Last year we searched out places and our first choices were territories that our company is located. Holly Ridge NC is a small town outside of Wilmington NC and they had everything we were looking for. We found A good marina in Swans Point on the ICW, and our work is in that area too. Now we have a place how about a plan. Do you finish the boat and then wait for the jobs? Or, do you go for the jobs and finish the boat out there? So we said what ever comes first…..Yep! the job and maybe jobs came along first. Burt has taken another position with the company in Holly Ridge and I am in the throws of negotiating a position.
     So it is now called a Mad Rush! get as many things done on the boat and get packed and move the boat in two weeks. Two Weeks! F*&%# ! Oh yea, the best part of this is burt is going to live on the boat in the DYI yard while working and getting it geared up to put in the water. Homeless is an understatement. And if I get this position we both will be in the DYI yard living off a drop cord! in the winter! at the coast! Does any of this sound crazy yet? OMG! what were we thinking. Oh, Well let me put it how burt calls it….. an adventure. I see it as two old farts in a small space under construction without a pot to piss in , but at least we have eight port holes to throw it out of. HA! No, really this marina has everything we need we are not going to throw anything off the boat.
     I feel like I’m on this log going down a fast moving river. Im sure it will all be fine and if I do not get this position then that will be ok too. It will be hard with me living here and burt at the coast but it will allow me to get the house settled in some form or fashion. It will be a crazy next couple of weeks and possibly months. Knowing that the dream is in forward motion is very exciting. Fingers Crossed.

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