Packed up and Move out

What a struggle. The past several days have been exhausting. Finishing out some of the work and packing for the move is chaos at its best! But I think we did it, After several hours we got the boat and gear loaded on the trailer. Thanks to our friend Paul with Deaton Yatchs came up from Oriental NC to move the boat . Paul pulled out around 6pm and is heading to Sneads Ferry. Burt will head out in the am for the start of his new positional work and life on the boat, in the DIY yard. He will have to finish out the work there and rig the boat for going in the water.   This will be a big adjustment for us both, Me living here and him down there will test our strength, but Im sure we will manage.

I took a quick video to give you a look at her now that the inside has most of her work done. Just small detail work along with completing the connections of equipment like, engine , pumps ect.  If I were to make a list it would probably seem like a short story book.

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  1. Sometimes, I think it would be nice to get a project boat to restore. Not for any profits, but for the enjoyment of working with my hands. My boat is enough of a project that I can't take on a larger one.

    Nice video showing off the boat. It's beautiful and you have done a wonderful job working on it. I enjoyed seeing the posts during the progress. Well Done!

  2. Hey Dan, Thanks ! This one is the keeper all of the other boats were for pleasure. and I have seen your site Rhapsody and you have done some beautiful work!!! The wood work alone is awesome.

  3. Thankfully, the boat looked pretty good when I got it, just needed some cleaning up. I really like my boat so I want to take care of it the best I am able to do and improve (fix/upgrade) the boat to a better state than how I got it.

    Thank you for the compliments.

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