Prop and Shaft

Time seems to have stood still here but the work has began to move in a forward motion . Now before I begin let me say finding parts in an area full of marinas and boats is most difficult . Burt has spent an immense amount of time going from place to place looking for simple things so it would seem .  In his efforts it has come down to no more than doing what he was doing here at home – some 6 hours away from the coast , ordering it and waiting for delivery . Surprise !  Not to say all of his efforts were doomed to UPS he was able to find Allen at the prop shop in Wilmington NC .
Allen was very willing to make our drive shaft and order the prop and have it all done and ready in a couple of days .  Now time to get that new engine rigged up and fired up .

Burts weekend consisted of installing the shaft and propeller and putting in the transducer .

Shaft with a little glassing in that had to be done , still need to put in the stuffing box and thats awaiting UPS delivery . 
Burt discovered a slow drip coming in , so this had him removing the traveler and rebedding it . Seems the one thing we did not remove ended up with a leak . Imagine that !  

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