step above homeless

Made it here ! Possibly the most chaos EVER ! I had imagined this but obviously I was in a dream state . Burt had the opportunity to arrive first and  not really understanding what he had to go through .  He had to get the boat up to just above primitive camping while all along going to his new position at work . Now that I have arrived in somewhat the same fashion , I was not having to start a new position only needing to familiarize myself with a new crew of people and a new area . Now with that being said I want to address primitive camping .  When I say just above we have power ……. The rest has to wait until we put the boat in the water . Things like water pressure to provide a way to wash dishes go to the bathroom ect.  This has been something I have taken for granted . now do not get me wrong we have gone camping in tents for years but of course we upgraded to a camper at some point . so washing dishes in a bucket is nothing I have not done . But ,  We  went home after a couple of days . Well I am home and at the moment it slightly sucks . I can not complain to loudly because all of this was my idea and burt is a trooper to be game for tis kind of living .
So this is what it is like at the moment .

 Those stairs … 18 of them . If you look ahead past those boats you will see the building . That is where you travel to for water , bathroom , showers , mail , and if you want internet you need to be out in front of the building at the docks or in the building .  Now my story goes like this, You really only want to make that trip once so you find yourself not drinking anything past a certain time like 6pm . Now you pack up your crap to go take a shower and fill any water jugs you have ready , and don’t forget to take the dog for her last trip also . Now does that happen – the go once . Hell No ! at our age it does not . You see something happened between your brain and your bladder I call it a dispute or sometimes an all out war with you caught in the middle. Here you are sound asleep and it happens the bladder and the brain having a conflict and you try to step in and settle this before it gets ugly . And the you find that you are weak and have no control over this dispute and so what happens you get up put some clothes on shoes and trek down those 18 steps walk across that lot go in this bright light and make the trek back up those 18 steps climb back down into the boat get undressed to what Go back to SLEEP ! no way that was the equivalent of a work out who goes to bed after that .
Moving in was a feat in of itself I had one day to unpack and of course undo anything burt had arranged . It was accomplished and now that we brought an enclosed trailer burts shop moved out of the boat and into this trailer .
 Before we left burt built these shelves and we packed and organized all of the boat parts and tools . Which made tons of room in the boat .
So we are settling in and we are now in a big push to have the boat in the water by the end of this month . A big reason is the 28th of this month will be 3 years from the time we pulled the boat into our home to start the refit . A bit cool and I hope we make it happen . No really , We are needing out of the diy yard .  Our time mostly is spent working at our jobs and this change has been a breath of fresh air we love the people we are working with and they have welcomed us with open arms and it seems chaos is not everywhere . Our company has given us a gift by putting us here in only 4 days I have yet to find myself upset stressed out and filled with anger . We both have great bosses and coworkers and they have certainly treated me very well . They even gave me a new truck and new supplies .  And they have me working at the beach so I see the ocean all day and I go home and look at the ICW . So for my good friends that I left behind still grinding away in the chaos I will only say there are better places better people in the same universe . So with all of the complaining I am very happy and excited . Minus those damn biting nats at the moment .

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  1. Hi Bert your old neighbor at swan pt Allmand 31 almost made it out of n. Carolina but had to stop with fuel problems love the blog sorry I missed meeting your wife good luck with your upcoming splash

  2. Hey Bruce , I hate I missed meeting you too I heard you have had a few challenges and it seems with some luck you will make it to Florida someday …. I would love to keep up with how your adventure is going so stay in touch until you get a blog going . Best of luck Dee & Burt ~~ /) ~~

  3. wow it just became june how did that happen did you get the boat in the water yet I have been having the time of my life and getting lots of experience at least when they call me captain now i dont laugh i have been taki ng my time and enjoying the trip and visiting all the cities along the way of course its taking forever because i have to go home alot to take care of my rental properties but im in no hurry IM now in daytona FL. and should be home in a few more days I hate to have it end good luck with every thing hope all is well

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