Get off Death Row !

“Death Row” this is what the DIY yard is referred to, a place you go and never leave . I can see this happening for some, they have been on the hard for YEARS ! a fair amount are mostly forgotten and just hanging on to a dream .  “Death Row” is pushing us to get moving.  After hosting a Keg party
this past weekend we found that all of the action and social activity is at the dock . And the most interesting people and stories to listen too. Seems every day when we get home from work we end up with a group at our boat or at the dock laughing and chatting and before you know it has become dark and time to settle in for the night. What great fun never a dull moment. Already planning next weekends get together what fun and I love cooking for a crowd.

So we are very motivated to get in our slip and be part of the action and not part of the dying dream . Posting for the blog has been very difficult, and being in the yard the internet is slim to none , Now I know you say we should have all of the bells and whistles because we work for cable but unfortunately employees are way down on the list for service, it has been a month now of trying and still nothing . So posting will be S L O W .
But we have accomplished some work and a shipment of the last few things we need to get her in the water will be here this week and hopefully in a couple of weeks she will be In. The work so far has been mostly with the engine with getting the gauges installed, fittings, hoses ect. while Burt gets the engine settled I have been working on restoring the toe-rail,

And I think it is looking pretty good. The last will be the boot-stripe which I can not wait for you to see. We have a really cool idea that we have been working on. With a  touch up on the bottom paint, from the ruffling up that the jack stands created (bummer).  The rest we will do once she is in the water . The Mast and Mizzen will go on in a second stage after they have been painted and rigged out.

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