Get er’ Done

Making progress and pushing forward is and always has been the goal. With working and on-call our efforts seem so little. The water pump is in and working which makes life a bit nicer.  Our finishing touches and repairs to the hull are nearing a close. The Boot strip is complete and as you can see we went with the Taiwanese Dragon. Burt did a free hand drawing and cut out a template, and hand painted it on. Simple but really cool! This alone took several hours so while he was completing that I added the 3rd coat of bottom paint. Done!

All of the teak has been completed and that just leaves a few bolts to add and some hard wear to change out. You never realize how many simple and details that have to be done, but I think in the past couple of weeks we have put a dent in a great many and still many more to go. Being on the hard makes for a very hot boat, and even though we have around 12000 btu of air-conditioning it just can’t keep up, so our time limited out in the DIY yard. Hoping that the boat will become a bit more efficient once in the water. Our slip has to be dredged out for our boat her draft is 6′ and they have let the silt fill up in the marina causing a slight problem for deep draft boats in the long term spots. So marina has acquired a permit for this work which will be done in a week or two and at that point we are going in the water. Once in  will be in a mad rush to begin the mast and rigging work and get those put on . Can not cool down the boat fully until we can block some of the suns rays. This weekend we are both on-call but I think we will be able to get some things accomplished in between working so hopefully my next update will be her loaded up on the trawler and going in.


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