Splash Countdown

Imagined this time, but never thought it would come. So after three years and 1 month we are finally ready to put Erised in the water .  Saturday will be the big day we are scheduled to go in mid day and if I’m not mistaking this is right when the storms are rolling in, all I want is for it to hold off just a few hours. When we started this refit our time frame as anyone wants is a quick turn around, but a few things holds you back a bit, Money! Time ! Energy ! and focus . We slipped on a few of these and being new at this the money thing has to be the biggest reason for holding you back. But with some squeezing and pinching and OVERTIME ! we managed to get up to this point which happens to be the most expensive part. Once the rigging which we are finding may have to be replaced and not for the reason it is old, but that it may not work for these new mast, this is all still up for debate . We got the mast from Spar Craft so I’m sure a few conversations with them and we will come up with a plan. But still thats not yet the pocket book burn . It happens to be the electronics . When we started out with this project getting shipments was cool, a couple hundred dollars and a crap load of boxes would come, now as the project goes on the money goes up and the number of boxes goes down, we are lucky now if two show up. So sailing the boat will still be set out a while, but she will be in the water and thats really cool!

So if the one or two people that follow us want to walk down memory lane for a sec. I have put up some photos of  what we started with to what our living space is at the moment. Enjoy!

PS. We have never driven this boat nor have we ever handled a boat this size, so the insurance is paid and we have really long ropes to hand off, Just in case. I will be with camera in hand to capture the moment that either is good or really really bad. Fingers crossed. Just saying!

 Gearing up to put Erised in the water, just a few details left .

Home Sweet Home! 

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  1. Congratulations! Can't wait to be doing the same, but I'm still in year one of my refit. It does my soul some good to see yours go back in the water. I love the dragon boot stripe. It makes me want to do something with mine too. Don't worry too much about how she handles. It's a cake walk. Using the prop walk you can spin her on her axis. If I recall reverse prop walk pushes the stern starboard. Turn the wheel to port so forward also pushes the stern to starboard. Alternating between forward and reverse you'll spin her in place, counter clockwise. It has been a while (7years) since mine was in the water, but that's the way I remember it.

    Fair winds and following seas!


  2. Amazing effort on the refit, you should be very proud of your efforts. Enjoy your day, you really deserve it. Time to get wet!!

    One of your followers,

  3. Thanks Todd! great info on the prop walk . now hopefully we don't screw this up. our marina is shallow at low tide so we are putting her in at high tide so we can get out to the deeper slips in a narrow marina . Fingers Crossed –/)–

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