We all make the effort to create deadlines to help us to stay on task, and that for the most part is very helpful. It seems the part that really throws a wrinkle in this deadline would be the part where you have added a third party to the mix. I have come to realize that my deadlines are just for my benefit and only a way to set a goal and work to meet that goal. And only this can I depend on. Our spars are and have been ready for a couple of weeks now so we accomplished our deadline and now we wait,,,,,,,,,,,,and wait,,,,,,,,,,,,, The crane at the marina is having some repair work being preformed, so we out sourced and they too have a broken crane, so at the moment it is a waiting game on who will repair their machinery first. As another week passes we are just performing small tasks that will limit my time up the mast installing and rigging out equipment.

Below I have a few photos of the new type of rigging we have chosen to use. As I had mentioned earlier we have removed all wire rigging and went with synthetic dux rope rigging using a product from Colligo .  Burt and I spliced and whipped all of the ends ourselves, this has been a great learning process. We feel so much better about this way of rigging, and knowing how to rig these lines and being able to repair our boat without having to out source will cut cost considerably.  The weight change has reduced greatly but the strength went up because we went with the biggest rope we could,  Now I will say we did not have to whip the ends we could have put colligos chafe cover on them, but we like the old school look and it was cool learning how to do it, and after making this really cool tool called a serving mallet
out of PVC, the whipping was fairly easy. We used tar twine for the whipped ends. I will have more photos of the rigging once it is up. At the moment the spars are prepped for raising which means all lines are tied and secured to the spars for moving. But I did manage to take a few when we were splicing lines.




For a nice traditional thing I found two ancient roman coins to put under our mast. History of Mast stepping and the coins



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