Winter Is Coming!

Winter can be a lovely time of the year, but when your not in a warmer climate it sucks! Living on the boat finishing out the refit can be exhausting. We were hoping to start some sea trials before winter, but that may not be happening. This past weekend I went up the mast and rigged the last line, and one of the funniest moments came about from this last rig. Burt has been the splicer for all of the ends and so with that, our last line was too short to reach from the deck for splicing. So our only option was to hoist Burt up the Mizzen a short distance to splice the line. This was so comical watching Burt and the bosin seat wrestle. Once his feet came off the ground the laughter began so much so I did not have the strength to hoist him up 10′, I had to recruit our good friend “Mayor Steve” to winch Burt up while I snap pictures with my phone rushing to show the Family. It was a great moment.

Rigging at this point seems to be complete.

We will be going back home later this month to pick up the sails and whatever else we can grab. Our home will be going up for sale first of November so we really need to get the home cleared out along with the shop that still has so much boat crap. So that puts sea trials pushed back not having all of the electronics pushes it back. We may be doing our good ole freeze out sail which we have done a few times just out of wanting to sail or we sailed in a winter regatta. So bring it on!

The finishing touches to the teak turned out beautiful. Yesterday I put on the last layer of a two part polyurethane so fingers crossed. After working on several boats over the years we hope we have come up with a better and stronger longer lasting finish on the teak.


I think Burt is most proud of his latest project these Pin Rails. We purchased some reclaimed  Markore/African Cherry They turned out to be a great match and addition to the boat.

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