The pay off

 When we started this journey the monkey on our back would be this house selling. In the past three years we have worked to squeeze down our debt to only paying for our living expense and completion projects for the boat. I am so glad to report we did it and that monkey was not really a problem at all. After putting the house on the market we were given an offer a week and half into it. May I add during the worst time ever to put a home on the market. #1 Winter #2 right before the holidays #3 In a not so great economy for homeowners. #4 In a town that has around 100+ homes for sale. It was looking very sad, but somehow someway we were given a break from the years of struggle and worry about whether this idea was going to fall into place.

Well it did! and the roller coaster ride of emotions has leveled out. Now it is time to breath and put our focus completely on completing this project.

One last thing to complete was paying off the boat. You imagine this grand idea but never really accept it. Debt free, are we really debt free? Even though the boat is paid for we will always be sinking money into it. So what is debt free? Really! I imagined feeling excited and some relief, but it only feels like any other day, nothing more nothing less. Im guessing as time passes and I do not see the bills coming in, and the worry about the house, the yard. Taking short trips back to take care of things, that it may start feeling like an accomplishment has occurred. Now if I can only slow Burts roll when it comes to finishing the boat. You should know he has items saved ready to hit the buy button. Baby steps I say. So here we are officially live aboard’s! No land base to run back to. And a ton of work to do. Our goal at the moment is to get the bow fully finished with anchors and gear completed ( some fabricating for the chain ) and fully operational. Then we will get the sails and winches and running rigging in place, Purchase the electronics ( $$$ ) and make operational. All by mid spring to start some sea trials. And this list after that is so long. Fingers crossed. Until next time……….

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