African Mahogany

Jeff Brooks a really great young man helped us today purchase more wood for projects. Our journey takes us out to Beaufort NC to the Mill Outlet a great little place tucked away in this town. After much research we were able to get information about this place. They are the warehouse that all of the specialty wood shops get their wood, Great! lets take a ride and try our hand at buying direct and see if the price goes down and the best thing was , YES! it was worth the drive this same wood from a specialty shop was $12 a board foot and here it was $7. Now I call that a savings. This wood is Sapele an African Mahogany and we love it. It is light red-brown color with pink overtones and the good pieces have darker ribbon stripes that undulate from one end to the other. It has a tight grain pattern that won’t fuzz with hand or power planing. This wood finishes beautifully with a lot of character. Just be aware of one thing…. Stock up on Saw Blades, Drill Bits, and watch out when putting in any screws, because this wood is dense! We used it on the pin rails and look at that shine with only two coats of Epifanes. The best thing is they still look the same and I can not say that about the teak, and I have put 12 coats on it so far. So winner winner chicken dinner!

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  1. Yes it is! at the moment a better choice over teak,( not oily ) super strong, weathering doesn't seem to be an issue. and it really holds on to the Epifanes. And the price is very nice. And the color isn't that far off from the teak.

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