Secure the Dingy

The Dingy cradle is in place and just in time for the move. This week we will have the boom crutch completed along with the rest of the sails. We will be moving the boat on its first voyage in 17+ years . This move down to Carolina Beach was a decision we made after months of research. We currently sit at the New River inlet and it has become just impossible to navigate so in order for us to get some sailing time in we have to move closer to inlets that are safe for passage. The Masonboro inlet and the Cape Fear inlet are ones that we can get in and out of easily. So with this excitement we are also nervous about the trip. With every boat we have sailed the first time has always come with a bit of anxiety, but our son is coming home from New Mexico to lend us a hand, so hopefully it goes without a hitch. Fingers crossed. And yes, the cameras will be rolling 🙂






One thought on “Secure the Dingy

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  1. Nice rope rub rail.

    Nice how well the dinghy suits your boat. Love the old traditional look of both together.

    Erised is looking very nice. Have a safe sailing season.

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