Projects! projects!

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No, it is not a potato box…..Originally on a Formosa you would have found a box in this spot for electronics, so in our way we added one back to move the engine gauges for better visibility. We purchased a sirius Weather/Radio that will connect to the Simrad to provide us an even better visual of forecast models. The top will be the base for one of the winches which was really the reason for it being built.

Below will show how the sweat shop has been going. Lots of sewing! A cover for the dingy, and the beginnings of our sail packs for the main and mizzen, and both Fore sails have their bags. Not sure if this is going to be the permanent set up for this boat, although we did this on our Pearson and it worked well. We have yet to do any sailing so we are are unsure if this will be the best idea for this boat. We are hoping the the running rigging will be completed in a couple of weeks for a sea trial. Fingers crossed.


IMG_2318 IMG_2311 IMG_2312

We have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and below is a product from one of those great finds. Steve from Outland Hatches made us these covers for our hatches and we are very pleased and excited to pass this product on. They fit great and what a difference they make in keeping the heat from the sun out.


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