Radar Installed

Well our weekend included the last of the gear loaded on the mast. We now have the radar and sirius weather attached. This job as always is up to me to perform and I must say Burt is lucky to have someone who works 40′ in the air all day long, As some of you may know working up a mast is a hundred times harder and just imagine on a swept mast. I managed to mount both brackets and load up that big ass radar! Holy hell! this was a beat down and I’m so glad its complete. Now just a few minor add on’s and we can call this done. Funny thing, we always wondered when would we or would we ever get to this point, a time where we have installed everything major and its just down to little stuff. This week alone we have noticed there is time to sit out on the boat in the evenings and have dinner or go for walks on the beach. After our on-call in a week we should be able (weather permitting) go sailing and test out the new equipment.

IMG_2557 IMG_2586 IMG_2585 IMG_2584  IMG_2562 IMG_2561  IMG_2559 IMG_2558

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