Spring Haul Out

Tis the season to put on the tyvek suit and sand until you can’t sand anymore and keep going. It has been 5 years from the time we painted the boat and in that time we found that the paint( Brightsides)  was a good paint but its strength was not up to par. We found it was easily rubbed off from the fenders to a simple washing. So we are taking the time to pull the boat out of the water and put new products that we have researched deeply, this means a complete hull overhaul. Our choices will require us to remove all of the bottom paint and the topside paint, the products we are going with for the bottom will be a copper bottom its a mix of a 2-1 epoxy copper powder and a silica for flex. This product has shown to last a good 10 years. I hope to keep a log of how this stuff is holding up over time. Stay tuned.IMG_3560

The sanding process took two a week of constant sanding but we were able to get it done.

Seems the weather started out well but it became a battle for the next two weeks, rain ,wind and cold. So the work took a slow pause.  After sanding and prepping the hull we began putting the primer on.



After weeks of prep the last four days were spent laying on the copper and the top coat. We put 9 layers of copper which ended up being 2 1/2 gallons. The top coat was two of the interlux perfection two part in cream with two layers of the two part with no pigment, that gives it the shine with an added layer of protection.  We will do our best to keep a log of how the copper holds up over time, we are hoping for the results that have been given by other users of the product.



5 thoughts on “Spring Haul Out

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  1. Wow! that is a lot of sweat and tears doing the toe rail down. It has been 3 years for me and half the boat and I still hurt. What a great job you have done to your home and your team work is off the hook and admired by all for sure. “Go Team Erised” You both have set the bar high for everyone doing the same. Thanks for sharing. Steve Outland

    1. Thanks Dan, I just saw the engine work you have been working on and what a great post. To take that on was an intense job and Burt has much respect for that. You are doing a great job!

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