Copper Bottom 5 mo. Update

A valuable lesson we have been taught. Never skip a step. Back in April we hauled out and took on a huge project to remove the old bottom paint and apply a new product that should give us a longer lasting non growth bottom. Unfortunately we did not get that due to our own failings. In a rush for time and money we skip a crucial step, we did not do a last sanding just before going in the water to expose the copper. We had planned on diving down and sanding it in the water and when we made the time for it we found it was covered in barnacles.image

The waters became warmer quicker, and the area that we are in is an ideal spot to accumulate growth. In our efforts to scrape and sand in the water we found it was a greater job that would require a haul out.image

We have never been so disappointed, mostly in ourselves. Our month long efforts were shot when we saw all of the growth. Knowing we possibly caused this. So after three days of scraping and wounded. image

We managed to address the issues and hope this works. Now for another test of the copper bottom.

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