Our New Project A Quincy Adams

We are moving on to another project and possibly making this one our retirement boat. Below is a few details about the builder and the boat, We will have plenty of updates with photos and more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned

About Alden the boat designer

John G. Alden began his design career as an apprentice with B. B. Crowninshield (MIT Class of 1889) in 1902 and became a productive designer and experienced sailor by the time he departed to start his own Boston design office in 1909. His initial success was modest until he won his first Bermuda Race with Malabar IV in 1923. Alden’s subsequent Bermuda Race victories in 1926 with Malabar VII and Malabar X in 1932 provided his firm enduring fame and success. This long-lived design business finally closed for good in 2008. George Lawley’s grandson Fred started this yard in Quincy in 1906. It failed in 1929 and was sold to Harold Noyes, who renamed it the Quincy Adams Yacht Yard.

Alden Design No. 941A
Principal Dimensions
Length on Deck: ft/m
Designed Waterline Length:ft/m
Beam: ft/m
Draft: ft/m
Displacement: lbs/kg

Type: Power Boat

Year Designed: 1958
Building Data
Construction Material: Wood
Number Built: 1
Specifications: Yes
Block List:
Original Name: Vickwood
Later Names: Martha K, “Odyssey””Zenith””Lazy Corners”
Owner: Elwood Petersen, Kenilworth, IL.
Builder: Quincy Adams Yacht Yard, Quincy, MA.



2 thoughts on “Our New Project A Quincy Adams

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    1. Thanks Dan, I hope so too. You know it’s a great boat when your surveyor is highly impressed. Can’t wait to get started on the project. Hey if you know of anyone wanting a sailboat send them this way we have ours up for sale.

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