Large Boat woes


Having a boat this size comes with woes, where to put it, where to haul out where to work on it. and thats a problem in its self due to the fact that its all wood means you CAN NOT let it dry out so when out of the water you either keep it wet or work really really fast, or you try to do what we are trying to do and that is get as much done in the water as possible. 60′ seems to be a hard size to find a place to fit and allows you to work on your own boat. So for the moment if were not homeless we may be, tick tock the clock ticks and our time where we are has ran out seems our marina is making changes so no liveaboards. Our Favorite place to work on our boat no longer has the room in water for us but plenty on land, but once again we can’t be out of the water for more than 14 days due to the hull drying out. So we are working hard to find a spot for a few months to give us time to find a more permanent place. Fingers crossed we do. Stay tuned for an update.

This is only a small portion of the project we have completed. Most are what you would say were hidden issues like all plumbing has been replaced changing the lights from 110 to 12 volt LED lighting and we still have plenty more to change out. As far as structure we have no issues its mostly things have to do with it being dated decor and old technology. and of course paint! paint! paint! Its not bad but if you know anything about a wooden boat its a every year or two process. This photo above was taken in march of this year when we had it hauled for survey just before heading back south with the boat so it looks pretty good but we want to do a upgrade to the paint and give her a new look.

So stay with us and hang in there we will hopefully soon be making some efforts towards the future of this classic boat.

This boat has two living spaces and 4 sleeping quarters and so far we have upgraded one of them so it will be a slow process I’m sure. and we are going to do a complete overhaul of the very dated galley its large but needs an upgrade.


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  1. Your boat is beautiful… a real craft with very bold sharp lines and it makes a statement. I am sure you two will whip it into shape with no problem. It took some craftsmanship to build that boat but I have seen your two’s craftsmanship that was put in Erised so I know it will be well done and off the chart gorgeous. I look forward to seeing it in person one day. Please let me know if you would like any port coverings for any ports and I will make them for you no charge. Also if you ever feel the need to sail you are welcome to come take out my boat or come go with me. Cheers and beers, SteveO

    1. Steve this is Dee and you truly are a class act and I appreciate the constant support. And we miss sailing terribly and would definitely take you up on that. For now we are trying to find a new home in a VERY short amount of time. ( Not by choice ) and that has been most of the focus at the moment. So if you know anyone that has room for a 60′ vessel please pass our info you have our permission.

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