“Dogwood” a glimpse

We have been asked by friends , family and potential Marinas to see the boat on the inside. As I have mentioned this is a project and she has undergone a lot of  work from us so far , but they are mostly things you can’t see. I’d say the most important things like plumbing, upgrade old equipment electrical addressing leaks. If you don’t know water migration on a wooden boat can lead to the end so it was top priority, glad to say bilge is dry and the leaks were very minor mostly bad plumbing installation and lack of upkeep.   Now we are down to needing to paint the outside but the weather has to drop a few degrees or we’re going to die trying to sand and sweat on the boat while applying paint . So it’s coming in a month or two. As for the inside please remember she is dated on her decor and slowly we are updating so no beat downs on the crap carpet and furniture!!! Most came with the boat 😩


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