Haulout Project Begins

This Project is very much a learning process. As this is our first wooden boat and no matter how many books , blogs and forums you read and follow you never truly know what you have stepped into until you get totally immersed in it.

We started with the intrusion of water. This mostly required us to address improper sealing of equipment, doors and windows. A few areas were not designed well for water run off so we made the necessary re-design and replacement of rotten wood.

Our next thing to tackle was water intrusion in the bilge. Seems this too was a poor idea on plumbing i.e.: mismatched hoses, no clamps and a water heater leaking. After replacing all of the plumbing we start the process of drying out the bilge. To my surprise I find a pretty ugly spot of rot and this happens to be an important piece servicing the shaft area. After two days we managed to dig out what used to be a 3″ white oak board supporting the strut , it was completely gone. We were lucky that this did not cause us any severe damage to the planking or ribs.

The next month and half was spent sanding and filling seams , along with the many other steps it takes to prep a wood hull. We finally were able to paint below the waterline to the gunnel before the boat started to dry out. We made it back into the water and with great success. No water intrusion, after a week in the water before we took off we only took on an inch of water not even enough to reach the bottom of the pumps so we call this a success.

At this point we have painted the topside and will be working on the deck to get it settled before winter arrives.


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