1980 Precision Seaforth 24


Our New Project


Once again we are embarking on another project. A  1980 Precision Seaforth 24 this is a nice double ended pocket cruiser with a shoal draft and great for shallow waters and heavy enough to be a stable vessel. She has a nice 1 cylinder Yanmar diesel engine that makes it a nice little weekender. Test Engine Start Up

we have much to do and in the next couple of weeks she will be transformed. Below are some of the few things we have addressed including a new cockpit floor , getting the teak back in shape, re-bedding hardware, bow sprit , adding anchoring gear which includes cutting holes to add a hawse pipe. We are also adding a vintage Wilton Crittenden head  Toilet Unboxing. We will be adding a dog house hatch that we saved from a previous refit and we are so glad we found the right time to use it.

Now off with you we have work to do!  


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