Yes it official we have a name for the new boat! Meet Chugger Knot a 24 Seaforth double ended.

We finally were given a weather window to start sanding, faring and getting primer on with two coats of paint before the rain comes. After the rains we will sand again for the next two coats.

We are using a two part interlux perfection in oyster white and awlgrip a two part polyurethaning in grey green.

2 thoughts on “Update CHUGGER KNOT

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  1. Chugger Knot. Totally dig that name. Any backstory on the name? Also the finish Awl Grip leaves is absolutely unreal! We rely on it a lot here in the fishing industry and it’s applied to a lot of the boats here. Very durable that is for sure.

    1. The name came from nothing more than the sound of that 1 cylinder 10hp Yanmar , as soon as we heard it we both jumped on that name Chugger Knot. As for the paint we have always stayed in the 2 part perfection, but I wanted this color I had found that was used on an historical vessel up north, just so happened it’s an awl grip specially mixed color. And it won us over, even doing the job in a field, outside with no protection from the elements it turned out wonderfully. I agree it turns out to be just as tuff as the 2 part perfection, finders rubbing, banging dock in NE blow and not a scratch . Definitely winning!

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