2008 Winnebago Aspect 26

Here is my recent purchase a 2008 Winnie, This was purchased to only serve one purpose and that was to go and help with my 3 month old grandson after his Heart Surgery.

This camper is in excellent condition and I was able to be self contained for a month with no issues, I used everything on board was in every weather event, high winds several days of rain, thunderstorms, nor’easter freezing temps then back to above 70 degrees. I never had a leak , rain both gas heat and heat pump, ran A/C , I even just ran the fan a couple of nights. All pieces of equipment worked never gave me an issue.

I am selling because I do not need a camper for the long haul, this camper has absolutely nothing wrong, it drove like a champ, it was so easy to maneuver myself which I had to do and got around 11 mpg, it was a way for me to stay at my daughters without getting a hotel or air b&b to help with my grandson.

This camper is priced to only pay off the loan no extra so please we can not negotiate. The note is 38,000. Please text to 980-241-5912 and schedule a time to look at it and check out all of the systems. Or email me @ deebridges28@gmail.com

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