A valuable lesson we have been taught. Never skip a step. Back in April we hauled out and took on a huge project to remove the old bottom paint and apply a new product that should give us a longer lasting non growth bottom. Unfortunately we did not get that due to our own failings.... Continue Reading →

Tis the season to put on the tyvek suit and sand until you can't sand anymore and keep going. It has been 5 years from the time we painted the boat and in that time we found that the paint( Brightsides)  was a good paint but its strength was not up to par. We found... Continue Reading →

First offshore trip

They say time fly's when your having fun and so it does, until you meet the unexpected. Our first trip we wanted to do would be a full day sail to a nice place and view the sights hang out a bit and head back. A possible trip for this idea was Beaufort NC. It... Continue Reading →

Radar Installed

Well our weekend included the last of the gear loaded on the mast. We now have the radar and sirius weather attached. This job as always is up to me to perform and I must say Burt is lucky to have someone who works 40' in the air all day long, As some of you... Continue Reading →

Projects! projects!

No, it is not a potato box.....Originally on a Formosa you would have found a box in this spot for electronics, so in our way we added one back to move the engine gauges for better visibility. We purchased a sirius Weather/Radio that will connect to the Simrad to provide us an even better visual of forecast... Continue Reading →

Our time at Snead’s Ferry must come to an end. We have untied the lines, fueled up the vessel, and started the new voyage. This new journey consists of a 62 nautical-mile sail down the shores to Carolina Beach for the next leg of our grand adventure. To say our 12 hour sail was interesting... Continue Reading →

Secure the Dingy

The Dingy cradle is in place and just in time for the move. This week we will have the boom crutch completed along with the rest of the sails. We will be moving the boat on its first voyage in 17+ years . This move down to Carolina Beach was a decision we made after... Continue Reading →

Our other project for the weekend was to get our dingy as close to done as we could before the storms. This Cape Dory rowing sailing dingy we found was in bad shape, but we liked the lines and the weight was great for the use of a tender. All of the wood had to... Continue Reading →

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