An all day job. 11pm we finally completed this task. We first made templates of each piece and laid them out in order to define the layout. And at $180 a sheet we need not make a mistake. So here it is and if you use your imagination like I did it looks like a... Continue Reading →

African Mahogany

Jeff Brooks a really great young man helped us today purchase more wood for projects. Our journey takes us out to Beaufort NC to the Mill Outlet a great little place tucked away in this town. After much research we were able to get information about this place. They are the warehouse that all of... Continue Reading →

The pay off

¬†When we started this journey the monkey on our back would be this house selling. In the past three years we have worked to squeeze down our debt to only paying for our living expense and completion projects for the boat. I am so glad to report we did it and that monkey was not... Continue Reading →

Becoming A Prepper

My fascination with people and this need to prep for an upcoming disaster has intrigued me. So as a person who now lives on a boat with limited space I find myself researching for ideas all the time. Refrigeration was the first thing I wanted to reduce. Our unit is a fair size, but when... Continue Reading →

Winter Is Coming!

Winter can be a lovely time of the year, but when your not in a warmer climate it sucks! Living on the boat finishing out the refit can be exhausting. We were hoping to start some sea trials before winter, but that may not be happening. This past weekend I went up the mast and... Continue Reading →

A short video of the installment of the mast. One of the cameras had a failure so much is missing that I wanted you to see. I am working on a video showing the splicing of the rope rigging. And if your wondering about the picture above it was a quick way of rigging some... Continue Reading →


We all make the effort to create deadlines to help us to stay on task, and that for the most part is very helpful. It seems the part that really throws a wrinkle in this deadline would be the part where you have added a third party to the mix. I have come to realize... Continue Reading →

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