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A life spent searching for something more is what brought us together, and now we are in a place to seek out that adventure. After years of family life and work we are ready to step into that next phase earlier than some would like. What will we learn? What will this experience bring us? Not sure, but we will experience something grand and new.

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  1. HI there
    A fortnight back I saw an email notification from my blog which brought smiles and good feelings. Thanks a ton for reading my blog and compliments. I need them and I appreciate them.
    I tried to search you by id but it did not work. And I wondered who it could be.
    Today I searched again and Pronto your site opened up. I saw the pics of your boat and she is a beauty. I see that you folks have put in a lot of sweat and toil to make her look so classy.
    Looking forward to reading more stories from your blogs and hope we meet sometimes at a quiet anchorage in some island.

    Kind regards


  2. Prashantt, it is a pleasure following your Blog. It reads so well I can imagine all of the sounds images and feelings it is very nice. Im wishing you the very very best on your travels. Dee

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